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Foto: Maceo Frost

Bambam Frost - Sorry

I samproduktion med RIKSTEATERN


Sorry not sorry Sorry as in so sorry Sorry as in im sorry Sorry as in Beyonces song sorry Sorry as in actually sorry Sorry as in im sorry to myself Sorry as in its just a nice word Sorry as in super sorry Sorry as in not really sorry at all.

We have been looking and looking and looking at music video after music video and talking talking talking about what these videos mean, has done to us and the way we move. We have been dancing different dances, dances we wont even dare to show. But we will show something, something A M A Z I N G.

Choreography: Bambam Frost
Dancers: Bambam Frost, Bianca Traum, Ingrid Mugalu
Light design: Anton Andersson
Music: Yared Cederlund
Photo by Maceo Frost

Scen: RIKSTEATERN/Hallunda
Datum & tid: 7/3-19 kl 13.00
Biljetter: 50 kr 
Boka: patricia@dansistan.se

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